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If you are shopping for a diamond, there are certain things that you should consider to make it easier for you. You can easily find out the worth of diamonds and buy them without exceeding your budget now. All you have to do is follow a correct approach to find sparkling diamonds conveniently.

Step 1
Set a Budget
Step 2
Choose a Shape
Step 3
The 4C’s
Step 4
Other Characteristics

Many diamond shoppers go shopping before setting a budget and end up having an unsatisfied shopping experience. If money is not a problem, then setting a budget may not be that relevant but if it is, you should shop for diamonds smartly so that you get preferred stone without exceeding the budget.

Diamonds are priced based on their carat weight and color grades too. Many shoppers find it difficult to identify the difference between different color grades. If you invest in the lowest color grade that looks appealing, cheap prices on every carat will allow you to buy a bigger diamond in the same budget. Highest color grade include E, D and F that are categorized as colorless. The following color grades are G, H, J and I; are nearly colorless and can be bought at cheaper prices.

Smaller diamonds are cheaper to purchase as compared to single diamonds even with same carat weight. Buying three diamonds of around 0.50 will cost fraction of what you will have to pay for one diamond weighing 1.50 carats.

Every diamond has inclusions but the importance lies in checking them through your naked eyes. If the diamonds that are you are investing look clean to eyes, there is no point-paying extra for high clarity grades as they only add to the expense. Shape of your diamond can affect millimeter size of it. Buy the shape that you love but can also consider buying marquise, ovals, and pear that look bigger than the others shapes with the same carat weight.

Diamonds that are of same carat weight and shape can also differ. Cut influences the millimeter size too. Comparatively shallow diamonds are bigger in width and length. Go for such cuts that suit your budget. Type of settings for these diamonds also creates an impact on perceived size and their price. White gold settings for these diamonds can cost around one third of the platinum ones. Diamonds that have a pave around or the ones with bezel settings appear bigger.

Fluorescence is another characteristic of the diamond that should be considered before buying. It refers to the blue light, which is emitted by some of the diamonds under black UV lights. Some of the diamonds emit blue glow while some of them emit moderate glow and some don't glow at all. Fluorescence is a complicated characteristic as it can either decrease or increase the worth of diamond. For the colorless diamonds from the scale of D, E, Fluorescence is not that beneficial but for the stones that have yellowish tinge as J, strong or medium Fluorescence help in making it appear white. Consider all the above stated factors and have a happy diamond shopping experience.

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