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Jewelry Repair

Why wait for jewelry repairs? Get same day service at Diamonds By Shelly. We provide a complete service of Jewelry Repair to include ring sizing, retipping prongs, diamond and gem stone replacement, chain and clasp repairs and much more. We repair all metals and insure every piece of jewelry. You can feel confident trusting Diamonds By Shelly to repair your jewelry.

Custom Design

Diamonds By Shelly specializes in custom designs.  We use a 3-D CAD computer modeling system. The process is composed of several steps to include the following:

  • • The idea – which is created on your own or with the help of our expert jewelers. You can use images of other rings or an idea from scratch.
  • • 3-D CAD Images – the images are created from the computer modeling
  • • Alterations – you will see the images of your jewelry before the wax is cut, allowing you to make any changes you see fit.
  • • Wax Mold – the wax mold is cut out by machine to the precise measurements from the modeling.
  • • Finished Piece – see what you created come to life.

Bring your old jewelry or out of style pieces and we will create a one-of a kind custom design piece for you.


We provide jewelry, diamonds, gemstone appraisals. Diamond values and metal values fluctuate, therefore it is important to have up to date appraisals so that you are fully insured. For jewelry purchased from Diamonds By Shelly we provide this service for free. All other jewelry appraisals will have a charge that will be determined upon reviewing the piece that is getting appraised.

Pearl & Bead Restringing

Looking to revamp the look of your pearl strands or to preserve the quality and beauty of the pearls you have? We string all pearls and beads with or without knots, single or multiple strands. Pearls are unique and require special care. With time and normal wear the chords become brittle and susceptible to break. Maybe you want to convert a long pearl strand into a short strand and a bracelet. Whether you are looking for a new design or preserve the current style, we at Diamonds By Shelly are here to assist you.


Add a personal touch. A gift that is personalized carries special meaning. We offer personalized engraving on most jewelry. Personalize your jewelry with a name, initials or a heartfelt message for a loved one.

Rhodium Plating

Has your White Gold Jewelry lost its shine?Rhodium wears off over time and the surface becomes dull. The wear time depends on how much the jewelry piece is used. For example, a pair of earrings may retain their plating for many years, but a wedding ring which is exposed to daily wear usually requires plating more frequently. Bring your jewelry to Diamonds By Shelly and we will rhodium plate it and give it its brilliant shine back. When making a purchase at Diamonds By Shelly you will receive one free rhodium plating in the first year of your purchase.

Sell your Gold & Diamonds

Do you have old, unwanted, or no longer worn jewelry, gold, silver, or platinum? Bring it all in and let our staff take a look at it for you, we can tell you what it's worth and make you an offer on the spot. We are also buyers of fine diamonds and jewelry. We purchase diamonds, diamond jewelry, gold, and platinum rings. Call us today for an appointment. You will enjoy the most competitive offers at Diamonds By Shelly.

Sell your Diamonds/Jewelry on Consignment

Do you have diamonds that you no longer want or looking to sell your engagement ring? What is the best most profitable way to sell your piece? Let us sell it for you! Our consignment service will give you more money for your diamonds than any other method. We do all the work! Take advantage of selling your diamond in a jewelry store where you can put it in our jewelry showcases. Your piece will receive a large audience. Consigning your diamond has potential for higher payment. This option is appropriate for the seller who doesn't need payment immediately. So ask yourself are you looking for immediate payment or do you have time to market your piece. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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